Bankruptcy Stops Collection Activities

Are you afraid your car won’t be there so you can get to work or drive your children to school in the morning?

  • Bankruptcy may be able to help.    The filing of a bankruptcy can delay or prevent the repossession of a vehicle.   You may have an opportunity to catch up or perhaps even re-structure your car loan.

Do you hate to answer the phone or the door out of fear that creditors have come a calling?      Unable to get a moment’s peace?

  • Bankruptcy may be able to help.   The filing of a bankruptcy invokes a powerful tool called the automatic stay that stops these collection activities.    Often, obtaining the representation of an attorney can help get relief even before your papers are prepared and filed with the court.

Are you distracted at work and unable to enjoy activities with your family because you are worried about what will happen?    Overwhelmed?  Is the worry affecting your health.

  • Talking to a bankruptcy attorney can likely help.    An inability to pay bills is not worth losing  your health or job over.     Speaking with a bankruptcy attorney provides an opportunity to develop a plan and some sense of control over the situation.     Often there are real solutions available and the negative consequences are often far less than imagined.   A great deal of peace of mind can be obtained by simply learning about available options and formulating a plan.   Many can obtain comprehensive relief in a Chapter 7.   For other individuals, bankruptcy resolves some debt problems to make others more manageable or forces the creditors to accept reasonable payments.    Almost all can obtain some form of relief.