Forms for Our Office

Here are the links various documents that you may choose to download before your initial consultation (or later).

helpful information to bring

(This is a list of documents that clients may wish to bring to the initial consultation.)

Intake Sheet

(This is a mini questionnaire for the attorney to assist in identifying issues.    You may want to bring this form completed to our office.   Otherwise we will ask that the form be completed before seeing the attorney.    This form helps us identify issues that should be discussed.   The information is confidential.)




(These disclosures are required due to BAPCPA.   We ask you to sign the documents to acknowledge that we provided you with the disclosures.   You will receive a copy for your records.)


Docs Req for Filing

(These are the documents that we use to prepare your bankruptcy paperwork.   In some instances we may request additional information.)

Chapter 7 Fee Agreement

Chapter 13 Fee Agreement

(You need not complete any of the information on the fee agreement.   It will be completed in our office if we are willing and able to provide you with representation.   The document is included here for your information and reference purposes.)