Know Your Rights

Don’t let anyone but an attorney tell you your rights.      Knowledge of your rights can give you peace.   You know there is a solution available.

Many of our client’s tell us that their Creditors have told them that they cannot file for bankruptcy.   This has never turned out to be correct advice yet it kept clients from getting the relief they needed and deserved in a timely manner.   In fact, many of these debtors were able to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, their first choice.

Many clients often tell us about the experiences of their neighbors, family and friends in bankruptcy.    It is important to keep in mind that each case is different and driven by the facts.   The situation of your neighbor, family or friend may be different from yours in important ways that affect your rights in bankruptcy.

Please feel free to explore our website for general information about bankruptcy, request one of our free books.    Call our office at 352-686-6200 to schedule a free consultation to obtain legal advice based upon your unique financial situation.   We can help determine your best options, taking into consideration your goals.   You will meet with one of our friendly attorneys to develop a plan for your unique situation.   We will discussing a lot of information that seems private.   Rest assured, this information will remain confidential, whether or not you hire us to handle your bankruptcy case.    We would not ask for the information if we did not think it necessary in order to assess your bankruptcy rights.