Worried, Stressed, Afraid?

We at Norman and Bullington P.A. know and understand what you are going through.   We have helped many who were overwhelmed with debt.   The Bankruptcy Code provides powerful tools to help individuals and businesses distressed by debt problems.

Know your Rights.

An attorney will meet with you for free to discuss your goals and situation to develop a plan that is best for you.   Because we file bankruptcies under every Chapter, you can be confident that we can offer whichever option is best for your situation.   There is no need to rely on friends or neighbors or, even worse, your creditors, for advice.    The in person consultation is free.

Stop unnecessary worry, stress and fear.

We are usually able to formulate a plan for relief during the first consultation.   We can also typically provide some relief even before the bankruptcy case is filed.   Call today for a free appointment with one of our attorneys at 352-686-6200.